1st Quarter Down

Okay Single Parents as we prepare for second quarter it is time to go into those simple principles that make a single parent a successful parent.  It is time to lay out the Seven Steps that Highly Successful Single Parents Do.

1) Remeber to put yourself first.   If there is nothing else that we should know but often do not practice is that if we do not take care of ourselves we are in no position to take care of others.   This something we often know but do not practice enough. This could be something as simple as taking time quietly to think what our plans for the day.  We need to learn how to determine where we are going.  What do we want for ourselves?  This is very important because without this focus and moment to understand OUR direction, how can we determine which way the family is headed?


Women’s History Month

Yesterday was a terrific day.  As this is Women’s History Month it has left me with some times to relect.  As I have attended several different events paying tribute to this month, it cause me to reflect on my role, my desires and what can I do to move toward them.

After attending an event of powerful women, there were some perils of wisdom that gave me pause.  Why are we as women so afraid?  What is it that we are afraid of? How do we overcome this fear?

As one of the speakers pointed out it us up to us to overcome these fears and excel to who we were meant to be.