Mission: Get Your Life 2014

Single Parents it is time to get your life in 2014.  This blog is changing gears.  As we prepare to close 2013, we have to prepare to prioritize in 2014.  That’s why we are calling this mission “Get Your Life-2014”.  There is no more room for waiting, blaming, and remaining stagnant any longer.  Let’s get to it.  

So as we close out 2013, beginning on December 19th we will begin the 12 days to January 2014 Countdown.  These are not resolutions as much as they are action steps.  Everyday there will be a simple task for you to complete.  How successful you will be on this journey will begin with your dedication and completion to these simple tasks.  So stay active and engaged as your success for 2014 will depend on this.  

Over these next few days I want you to put life on pause and think things over.  What do you want for your self going forward?  What do you want for your family?  What steps do you need to take to get there?  These are the things I want you to think about as we take the time to plan your route to success.  See you in a few days!


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