The Day Before Christmas

Well I know I promised you all 12 days of Christmas but as life would have it children got sick.  Which of course made them the priority!  I still love you guys!  

Well as things have started to slow down a bit here, I thought I would get back to you all right before Christmas and share some things that will happen as I go into the New Year.  I hope these things will inspire you to get clearer about your goals as well.

I am going to rebrand this site just a bit.  I am still going to focus on the needs of single parents, because I feel we need the most inspiration! But I am also going to share things that should help get you moving closer to your goals.  I LOVE PEOPLE, and I LOVE SHARING EXPERIENCES.  I am hoping by sharing my great experiences, you all will share yours making this a community of resources single parent specialists.

As this is the day before Christmas, I am going to share my story of today in hopes it will inspire another single parent.  Proving that even the smallest resources can change the world-especially your child’s.

It is the day before Christmas, and I sprung into action, as single parents do when the kids are your passion.  Until today not a single present was bought.  But with the help of my aunt, I was no longer distraught. I headed to Wal-Mart for a couple of gifts, and their under priced items today was no myth, because for the kids, I found three gifts each, and the best part of it all WAS the price couldn’t be beat.  I found six gifts for under a 100 dollars!  Now that is enough to make one stand up and holler! So gifts kids will open on Christmas Day and so thanks to my Aunt and Wal-Mart I must say!!

Happy Holidays to all you single  parents! 


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