Happy New Year

This is a year of action for single parents everywhere. Since before the release of the Single Moms Club by Tyler Perry I have wanted to build a community of support for single parents who want to do something different for their children and for themselves.
For single parents out there please know that this blog is created as a place for you to vent, network with other single parents, and exchange best practices to maintaining your sanity as a single parent. Although, you may be handling your home on your own I want you to know that you are not alone. First, let me commend you on the remarkable job that you are doing and as we go into 2015 let’s set some goals and see what we can accomplish as we hold each other accountable to our dreams and our family’s success.
My goal for this blog is to enrich the lives of single parents. There are a variety of different avenues I hope this blog will take, but I want your input as well so we will see what direction we travel. I am sure this will be an exciting journey just as the daily life of single parenting is a constant adventure.


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