A Christmas to Remember 2016

I have decided to pick this blog back up and take the mindset that if it is going to be, it is up to me! This past year has made me realize several things and I am increasing my faith as I learn these life lessons.

As a full-time working mom of two it became clear that a job was not going to cut it for me and my family.  Christmas 2016 made me start questioning my full time employee and working status. I am not a stranger to hard work and can actually say I enjoy working, but when the reward is not evident, I start to question what I am really doing.

Christmas 2016 was one of the most horrible Christmas’s of my life and I am sure it was not a memory that my children will cherish either.  With a car broke down sitting in the yard since October, having recently been switched to a one time end of the month compensation schedule, and having to give up my 2nd job which was a work from home part-time position with Intuit because of a scheduling conflict–it became obvious it was time for some things to change.  Think about it, I could not even go shopping for my children for Christmas until after Christmas. But really that wasn’t true; because I then had to prioritize December payment to make it to January 31st.  Working one job receiving what should have been a decent income has led me to the realization that it is time to take control of my income while mentoring other single parents to do the same.

Why am I on a mission to do this:

  • I have two wonderful children depending on me
  • My car is broke down
  • Christmas was crappy
  • I work a full-time job and struggling to make ends meet
  • My credit is lousy

So here we are…My goal is to assist other single parents to have the freedom and flexibility to prioritize their children while providing for themselves and their families.

What makes me qualified, because anything I have set my mind, mouth, and prayers to has been proven possible.  This is no different…

Proof with all praises going to GOD first and foremost:

  • Car fully paid off in 3 years
  • 4 Bedroom and 2 Bath homeownership for less than I was paying rent under the terms of a 15 year loan model
  • Purchased and moved a house..yes you heard me (ok that was with a partner, but it was still through my lead, research, and connections with people)
  •  Bachelors Degree in Technical Management
  • Created this blog
  • Found a part-time work from home job that I was able to work as second source of income

And I have many more things coming as I prioritize and focus to get to the next level! It is time to level up and I am ready for the change as I shake off the fears that are keeping me from living up to my full potential.

Is this you? Are you fearful? Not sure where to start? Well together we are getting ready to climb to the top, because we are ready!

So begins our journey…