It is coming together

Someone told me a while ago that if I believed I could, I would.  That is totally what has happened.  I have chosen to believe that online income is possible and so I have begun to relax my mind and depend on GOD and know that HE is possible.  And it is through him all things become achievable.

For you see, I realize that as long as I keep thinking that I am doing everything I will get only what I am able to produce. However, when I get him involved I realize there is so much more produced–it is the double portion that I heard Priscilla Shirer speak so elegantly about it in hear small group study of Breathe.

This lesson changed my life.  Once, I came to realize that the best thing I can do for myself in ANY situation is to stop and breathe while trusting in Jesus things began to come together.  It seemed as if things were becoming clearer and I was able to complete so much just by taking a moment to breathe and allowing things to come into view.

I am now clear about what I want…and I believe that I can have it.

Have you taken a moment to breathe lately? Have you decided what you want? Do you believe that you can achieve it?


A Christmas to Remember 2016

I have decided to pick this blog back up and take the mindset that if it is going to be, it is up to me! This past year has made me realize several things and I am increasing my faith as I learn these life lessons.

As a full-time working mom of two it became clear that a job was not going to cut it for me and my family.  Christmas 2016 made me start questioning my full time employee and working status. I am not a stranger to hard work and can actually say I enjoy working, but when the reward is not evident, I start to question what I am really doing.

Christmas 2016 was one of the most horrible Christmas’s of my life and I am sure it was not a memory that my children will cherish either.  With a car broke down sitting in the yard since October, having recently been switched to a one time end of the month compensation schedule, and having to give up my 2nd job which was a work from home part-time position with Intuit because of a scheduling conflict–it became obvious it was time for some things to change.  Think about it, I could not even go shopping for my children for Christmas until after Christmas. But really that wasn’t true; because I then had to prioritize December payment to make it to January 31st.  Working one job receiving what should have been a decent income has led me to the realization that it is time to take control of my income while mentoring other single parents to do the same.

Why am I on a mission to do this:

  • I have two wonderful children depending on me
  • My car is broke down
  • Christmas was crappy
  • I work a full-time job and struggling to make ends meet
  • My credit is lousy

So here we are…My goal is to assist other single parents to have the freedom and flexibility to prioritize their children while providing for themselves and their families.

What makes me qualified, because anything I have set my mind, mouth, and prayers to has been proven possible.  This is no different…

Proof with all praises going to GOD first and foremost:

  • Car fully paid off in 3 years
  • 4 Bedroom and 2 Bath homeownership for less than I was paying rent under the terms of a 15 year loan model
  • Purchased and moved a house..yes you heard me (ok that was with a partner, but it was still through my lead, research, and connections with people)
  •  Bachelors Degree in Technical Management
  • Created this blog
  • Found a part-time work from home job that I was able to work as second source of income

And I have many more things coming as I prioritize and focus to get to the next level! It is time to level up and I am ready for the change as I shake off the fears that are keeping me from living up to my full potential.

Is this you? Are you fearful? Not sure where to start? Well together we are getting ready to climb to the top, because we are ready!

So begins our journey…




What is your song?

To God be the Glory! It was like confirmation this morning when I awoke and listened to my church’s morning service over the internet.  The song that I had been inspired at the end of 2014 was Order My Steps.  As I clicked in to the service this morning that was the song the choir was singing! I was blown away.

The rendition that I had experienced was via another young lady who I must say is truly a blessing. Joy I want to thank you for your obedience in sharing your gift with the world.  Your version of Order My Steps has become my song for 2015.

Single Parents as you Move please find a song that will give you peace in your soul during your storms. Because the storms will come, but the goal is to equip you with the Word to keep peace in the midst of the storm.  What is your song?

Prayer for the Single Parent

Single parents we cannot get this blog started and this year started off the right way without including God in the plans for this year. For He told us in His word,

“For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)

So with that promise in mind, I am including the single parent prayer from the mobile version of the Little Red Book of Prayers. This prayer defines the struggles that we encounter daily and it provides hope that we are not alone as we invite God in and trust His guidance. At some point today, just take some quiet time and pray this prayer.
I hope you will find it as helpful and comforting as I have.

Again, I can not take credit for the prayer, but I will say that it has been a blessing to me and I hope it will do the same for you

Heavenly Father, I thank you for my child (children). I know that children are a gift from You (Psalms 127:3-5), that you have placed them in my care. Lord you know the challenges I face each day as a single parent. Children can seem to consume all of my time, energy, and patience. It can be trying for two parents to raise them, and as a single parent the daily tasks can seem overwhelming at times.

Father, I am trusting You to supply all our needs: spiritual, financial, physical. I want to enjoy my child (children), and I want their time with me to be a blessing. Children learn more from what they see than from what they hear. Therefore, I ask you to strengthen me daily to respond and react to each challenge as you would have me to. Let me be as patient and gentle with them as you are with me. I Corinthians 10:13 says that you will not put on me more than I can bear. This is your promise to always provide what I need to accomplish your will in the midst of trials. Young people can face such temptation, abuse, rejection, pressure to conform. The list seems unending. Let our home be a place of peace, comfort, and refuge from the evil in the outside world. Lord, let them see that it is faith in You and obedience to You that brings peace and wholeness. May they know by the way I treat them that they truly are a gift and a blessing to me. May they understand Your love and faithfulness to them because of what they see in me. Give me strength, give me grace. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Happy New Year

This is a year of action for single parents everywhere. Since before the release of the Single Moms Club by Tyler Perry I have wanted to build a community of support for single parents who want to do something different for their children and for themselves.
For single parents out there please know that this blog is created as a place for you to vent, network with other single parents, and exchange best practices to maintaining your sanity as a single parent. Although, you may be handling your home on your own I want you to know that you are not alone. First, let me commend you on the remarkable job that you are doing and as we go into 2015 let’s set some goals and see what we can accomplish as we hold each other accountable to our dreams and our family’s success.
My goal for this blog is to enrich the lives of single parents. There are a variety of different avenues I hope this blog will take, but I want your input as well so we will see what direction we travel. I am sure this will be an exciting journey just as the daily life of single parenting is a constant adventure.

The Day Before Christmas

Well I know I promised you all 12 days of Christmas but as life would have it children got sick.  Which of course made them the priority!  I still love you guys!  

Well as things have started to slow down a bit here, I thought I would get back to you all right before Christmas and share some things that will happen as I go into the New Year.  I hope these things will inspire you to get clearer about your goals as well.

I am going to rebrand this site just a bit.  I am still going to focus on the needs of single parents, because I feel we need the most inspiration! But I am also going to share things that should help get you moving closer to your goals.  I LOVE PEOPLE, and I LOVE SHARING EXPERIENCES.  I am hoping by sharing my great experiences, you all will share yours making this a community of resources single parent specialists.

As this is the day before Christmas, I am going to share my story of today in hopes it will inspire another single parent.  Proving that even the smallest resources can change the world-especially your child’s.

It is the day before Christmas, and I sprung into action, as single parents do when the kids are your passion.  Until today not a single present was bought.  But with the help of my aunt, I was no longer distraught. I headed to Wal-Mart for a couple of gifts, and their under priced items today was no myth, because for the kids, I found three gifts each, and the best part of it all WAS the price couldn’t be beat.  I found six gifts for under a 100 dollars!  Now that is enough to make one stand up and holler! So gifts kids will open on Christmas Day and so thanks to my Aunt and Wal-Mart I must say!!

Happy Holidays to all you single  parents! 

Day 1 of 12 Time to get focused


I am back and ready to get started.  I know it is late for many people, however I want to present this information a little different than most. I know a many people will place thoughts of action at the top of the day; however, for these first few days I actually want these ideas to be the last things that you think about before drifting off to sleep.  I more or less want this to be peace of mind rather than the “brainstorm” that may occur through out the day.  So I want you to go to bed thinking of the things that you want to achieve for 2014. I just want you to drift off thinking what do you I want to do in 2014. Be honest with yourself as you drift off to sleep.  What do I want to do more than anything else? You may be surprised at how your subconscious answers this question for you. 

Mission: Get Your Life 2014

Single Parents it is time to get your life in 2014.  This blog is changing gears.  As we prepare to close 2013, we have to prepare to prioritize in 2014.  That’s why we are calling this mission “Get Your Life-2014”.  There is no more room for waiting, blaming, and remaining stagnant any longer.  Let’s get to it.  

So as we close out 2013, beginning on December 19th we will begin the 12 days to January 2014 Countdown.  These are not resolutions as much as they are action steps.  Everyday there will be a simple task for you to complete.  How successful you will be on this journey will begin with your dedication and completion to these simple tasks.  So stay active and engaged as your success for 2014 will depend on this.  

Over these next few days I want you to put life on pause and think things over.  What do you want for your self going forward?  What do you want for your family?  What steps do you need to take to get there?  These are the things I want you to think about as we take the time to plan your route to success.  See you in a few days!

1st Quarter Down

Okay Single Parents as we prepare for second quarter it is time to go into those simple principles that make a single parent a successful parent.  It is time to lay out the Seven Steps that Highly Successful Single Parents Do.

1) Remeber to put yourself first.   If there is nothing else that we should know but often do not practice is that if we do not take care of ourselves we are in no position to take care of others.   This something we often know but do not practice enough. This could be something as simple as taking time quietly to think what our plans for the day.  We need to learn how to determine where we are going.  What do we want for ourselves?  This is very important because without this focus and moment to understand OUR direction, how can we determine which way the family is headed?

Women’s History Month

Yesterday was a terrific day.  As this is Women’s History Month it has left me with some times to relect.  As I have attended several different events paying tribute to this month, it cause me to reflect on my role, my desires and what can I do to move toward them.

After attending an event of powerful women, there were some perils of wisdom that gave me pause.  Why are we as women so afraid?  What is it that we are afraid of? How do we overcome this fear?

As one of the speakers pointed out it us up to us to overcome these fears and excel to who we were meant to be.