A renewing of the mind

Well as with every new venture there has to be a change to the everyday to bring you to something better. Single parents one thing I want us to take note of are our everyday practices. What are YOU doing to improve your current situation? How is your current circle helping you to move beyond earth’s limitations? This is a step that is necessary to get an idea of where you are and what is it you hope to do. Take a moment to take a look at your current situation. Are you happy? Is this where you envisioned yourself? Are there dreams that have gone unfilled? If you are happy in your current state of well being….then do nothing…if there is some where else you would like to go, then I say no trip is great alone, it is always better when shared with others…so single parents let’s get going!!!

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Single Parents Unite

This site is dedicated to single parents everywhere.  My hope is that this site will become a place of education,elevation, and empowerment for single families.  As a single parent myself, I have and continue to put in action the “It Takes a Village” to raise children mindset.  I am constantly reaching out to family members and the community to hopes of  becoming a successful single parent.  This will be demonstrated as my children become successful, productive, adult citizens of their community.  Single Parents it is time for us to become all that we were meant to be, but thought that we did not deserve to become that person!! We deserve our dreams and goals and we have all the potential to see those dreams reached.